Why Choose Yoonify?

Tokenized Illiquid Assets add value to client’s investment portfolios

Bringing Liquidity to illiquid Asset Investments

Lowering investment thresholds and increasing liquidity of high value illiquid private assets in the $23 Trillion Alternative Investments Market.

Yoonify!s tokenization solution revolutionizes private asset ownership through cutting-edge distributed ledger technology.

Yoonify's Tokenization Services

Yoonify provides a pioneering solution for asset tokenization through blockchain. Our expertise in the domain enables us to offer a wide range of tokenization services that cater to various asset classes.


Intellectual Property

Art and Collectibles

Sports Teams


Real Estate Tokenization

1031 Exchanges

1031 exchanges, also known as like-kind exchanges, have long been used by real estate investors to defer capital gains taxes when selling one property and purchasing another. Yoonify transforms these 1031 exchanges to a whole new level with the game-changing real estate tokenization. The magic of tokenization provides liquidity and flexibility for investors, who can
now sell fractional interests in a property rather than the entire property itself. While 1031exchanges have been around for decades, real estate tokenization offers new opportunities for investors to maximize the benefits of this tax-deferral strategy.


Hospitality, as a segment of the real estate industry, has traditionally presented unique challenges for investors, particularly in terms of liquidity and asset management. However, real estate tokenization is transforming the way investors approach hospitality investments. Tokenization allows for fractional ownership of hotels, resorts, and other hospitality properties,
which can increase access to liquidity and reduce transaction costs.


The retail industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the rise of ecommerce and shifts in consumer behavior. The benefits of real estate tokenization for commercial properties are numerous. It allows for greater liquidity in the commercial real estate market, as investors can buy and sell tokens representing fractional ownership of the property. It
also allows for greater access to investment opportunities for smaller investors, who may not
have the resources to purchase an entire commercial property

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