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Blockchain Services For Education

Yoonify is developing D2UC (Decentralized Digital University Credentials), a blockchain-based application for universities and educational institutions that will provide the following services

D2UC provides the perfect solution for storing, tracking, and using students’ credentials on the blockchain. It allows students and learners to access their records quickly, conveniently, and securely share them with potential employers.


A direct link to the student’s records on the blockchain saves time and gives a complete picture of the skills & background of the  student. The documents are not locked up in university servers but  belong in the blockchain, and the learners have complete control over  them. They can easily use these records whenever a need occurs. Storage, retrieval, and verification become much faster D2UC and simpler while retaining absolute accuracy. The best part about storing student records with D2UC is that they remain intact despite natural calamities, war afflictions, and server failures


Each entry in a transcript needs to be manually verified to ensure accuracy. Unfortunately, from high school to university, verifying transcripts remains a manual process involving case-by-case checking a massive pile of paper documents. Most institutions still rely on outdated methods, such as physical mail, to send and receive transcripts. 


D2UC streamlines these procedures and minimizes fraudulent claims of unearned educational credits. In addition, it helps the institution store confidential information, such as independent grades of a student, in a tamper-resistant way. It also enables recruiters and staffing agencies for a more straightforward vetting process, saving time and money.


D2UC’s use of IPFS and Smart Contracts makes storing course content and its access easy. Therefore, a lesson or course can be programmed into the blockchain for automatic execution upon satisfying certain conditions. This functionality unleashes new possibilities for automating classes and courses.

For example, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be quickly established by any university. Many universities are looking into this model, where they can automate large extensive courses, thereby saving time for students and teachers.


With D2UC, departments, and professors can automate multiple activities such as grading, tests, posting information about important events and lectures, providing specific access to confidential records, and much more. An example of this application could be a teacher setting up a task for
their students. When a student completes the task, the smart contract automatically verifies it. Furthermore, when all tasks are completed, teachers and students are rewarded with tokens & credits. Such automation of regular tasks leads to increased student-teacher time and, thereby, productive relationships. Universities can also employ smart contracts for procurement, invoice payment, and vendor management to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and cost reduction in these crucial aspects of the university administration. Yoonify provides these smart contract services as bespoke development based on the specific requirements of the educational institution.


Many students, professors, teachers, and researchers constantly generate quality material. However, the publication of this material is often tricky. D2UC can change this situation. When educational institutions implement D2UC, they can assist their students and staff in publishing their research work quickly without risking theft. As records get stored in public and private key formats, the publication owner can trace who is accessing them and when they are accessing them. And owners decide when to give permission or not for their hard work. In the academic world, plagiarism is a severe problem. When a research paper is stolen or copied, it can result in losing a lifetime’s work. Once the document is stored with D2UC, the data cannot be altered manually since advanced encryption protects it. The usage of content is also recorded in the chain, so the owner can easily control access to the data. Since D2UC tracks utilization online, document ownership is easily proved.


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