Invest in institutional-grade real estate without tying up your funds.


Invest in institutional-grade real estate without tying up your funds.


Investment opportunities in income generating properties that are designed to provide monthly dividends, capital gains, and liquidity.

Yoonify is disrupting the real estate industry by making investing easier and more profitable for investors

By using blockchain technology, investors can invest in multifamily real estate properties while tracking dividends and investment transactions directly through Yoonify’s secure platform.



How Yoonify Benefits You

Liquid Investment

Traditionally real estate has been an illiquid investment that locks up investors’ capital. Yoonify is disruptively different because it allows investors to sell their shares to recover liquid capital after 12 months. Yoonify’s blockchain technology facilitates the sale seamlessly and transfers asset ownership instantly between the seller and buyer.

Ownership of Hard Asset

Investors possess fractional ownership of the property.

Compounded Returns

Investors can choose to have their monthly dividends re-invested, producing compounded returns.


Investors receive audited asset performance reports for complete transparency and visibility of their investment.

Preferred Monthly Returns

Investors get paid first from the income generated by the property.

Tax Advantages

Depreciation reduces taxes for investors on their earnings and a 1031 Exchange defers taxes on capital gains.

Capable Management

Each of our properties is managed by Greystar, the world’s largest apartments management company.

Flawless Execution

Our online payments are executed flawlessly by North Capital and VISA | Plaid.

Rigorous Underwriting

Before listing, each property is evaluated with a proprietary 34 point underwriting process so that the best of the best is made available to investors.

SEC Compliance

Yoonify’s investments are compliant with SEC Regulation D 506(c) that governs the issuance of securities to accredited investors and institutions.