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We specialize in creating blockchain-based solutions that are secure, scalable, and efficient, helping customer organizations streamline their operations and achieve cost efficiency, data security, and enhanced overall performance. Our team of experts provides a range of specialized services, including:

Yoonify's Pioneering Blockchain Solutions and Services

Our multifaceted approach to DLT includes a collaborative effort to address laws and regulations, technology, and business processes and considerations. By understanding our client’s business objectives and legal/regulatory constraints – while having a deep knowledge of DLT, applicable protocols, and their native languages – we can steer clients toward an optimal and pragmatic solution to their business objectives. We specialize in creating blockchain-based solutions that are secure, scalable, and efficient, helping Public Service Institutions to streamline their operations, achieve cost efficiency, data security, and enhanced overall performance.Below are some solutions and services offered by Yoonify.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Our D2VR blockchain service provides a decentralized solution for vehicle owners to register and transfer ownership securely. As a result, the DMV can eliminate the need for intermediaries and reduce the time and cost associated with vehicle registration and titling. Following are the various services provided under this category

Car Titles

Yoonify’s D2VR provides a game-changing solution for the automotive industry, making it simple for individuals and businesses to manage their car titles and related documents. D2VR’s immutable and transparent ledger eliminates the need for paper-based title transfers and ensures the authenticity of the vehicle’s ownership.


With D2VR, car dealerships, lenders, and other automotive businesses can reduce fraud, eliminate errors, and streamline operations. We take pride in being at the forefront of blockchain innovation, and D2VR is just one example of how we’re revolutionizing car ownership.

Service Records

With the increased number of vehicles on the road, keeping track of service records can be daunting. Paper records can be easily misplaced or damaged, and there is always a risk of falsification. Our blockchain solution for vehicle service records aims to address these challenges by providing a secure and transparent platform for maintaining and verifying records.


D2VR allows vehicle owners to easily store and access their service records on a decentralized platform. In addition, it integrates with existing systems used by vehicle manufacturers and service providers. This makes it easy for service providers to add new records to the blockchain and for vehicle owners to access their documents anywhere.


Yoonify also provides an outstanding solution for streamlining toll collection with decentralized technology. With this solution, toll operators can eliminate the need for physical toll booths and cash transactions, reducing costs and improving traffic flow. Instead, drivers can drive through toll lanes with blockchain-enabled RFID technology, automatically deducting the toll amount from their digital wallets. In addition, it is a secure and tamper-proof ledger for toll collection data, ensuring accuracy and transparency in toll revenue management.

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